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Cancer Treatment Fundraising

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) is keen to provide all material and moral support for individuals living with cancer. QCS covered the treatment cost with an approximate cost of QR30 million for about 3,000 patients from 2013 to 2018

1.8m QAR Raised

2m QAR Goal

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دعم حالات مرضى السرطان - P2542

مريضة سرطان الجنسية: الفلبين تعاني من سرطان الثدي تكلقة العلاج 150 الف ريال قطري مدة العلاج: 6 شهر الرقم المرجعي: P2542 الترخيص : LC2021QCS07-000057

500 QAR Raised

150 QAR Goal

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Welcome to Qatar Cancer Society

We seek to prevent cancer and reduce its burden in Qatar through working with our partners to educate the community, and to support, empower and advocate for people living with the disease, and to engage in professional development and scientific research in the field of cancer.

Success stories

Samir Ahmed

Living with cancer

With family and friends support, faith and hope … I am a survivor.

oger Wickam

Living with cancer

My goal it to complete 5 musical records with 5 years of recovery.

Jeorgina Youssef

Living with cancer

Do not succumb to cancer … Fight it with patience optimism.